Monday, July 11, 2011


Hello people!

Isn´t right that global crisis can inspire the people in some many ways to create a whole palette of new ideas? Well thats exactly what i found in one of my favourite websites The Uncool Hunter, otherwise i used to be called as a Cool Hunter, i think this approach its very interesting, funny and truly show us the real people, the "outsiders", but i have to be honest, i think the popular culture its amazing, i love to see how it moves in a different way even if it looks and feel a little bit cheesy or corny, it is incredible powerful; but even if they want or not, it will be always influenced for something, maybe not called with the same name, but essentially will be a TREND, just like the global crisis.

But ok, lets no talk about this "annoying matter" and move to the show. His name is Nick Mahshie, borned in Miami now living in Buenos Aires, he found the way to show his art, as i said inspired in the Crisis, so he came up with his alter ego called Tranqui Yanqui (what it means easy yanqui or relax yanqui in spanish) and he went to the streets as a ambulante gallery to show his last clothing collection made by paper and cardboard (cause we are in crisis, off course).

I recommend you to visit to read the interview and enjoy more photos. Also cause this website its just f****** amazing!!